Bahia principe grand bavaro

Bahia principe grand bavaro

Почувствуйте красоту свежего филе рыбы и насладитесь едой в раю. We flew in two pairs to Bayou Principe. Настольный теннис. Bahia Principe Grand Bavaro предоставляет услуги прачечной и уборку номера.

There are a lot of people and sometimes you need to look for sunbeds, but you can always find We enjoyed our stay very much and will be back as soon as possible! Excellent hotel. We flew in two pairs to Bayou Principe. Never been to the Dominican Republic, and never even flown to the Western Hemisphere. In winter, we rested in the Maldives with the same company, so I want to compare. At first glance, the resorts are very similar, the beach in Baye is as heavenly white as in the Maldives, the ocean is clean and safe neither there, nor there, we met any jellyfish, not any living creatures except for small colorful fish.

But, there are also significant differences.

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In the Maldives, the hotel turned out to be on a small Island, and sometimes there was nothing to do there, while Baya turned out to be a huge hotel complex, including various restaurants, lounges, playrooms for children who travel with their families , and a disco. If you get tired of sitting in a hotel, go on a tour. Not far from the main entrance to Republic Pro, we took an excursion to 27 waterfalls, where we filmed heads and tails, and Saona, where we filmed the Bounty advertisement.

Finally, the hotel rooms and food in the restaurants in both Baya and the hotel in the Maldives were top notch. The room has a large terrace, mini bar, cleaned every day and the room and the territory of the hotel.

The restaurants have the freshest fruits, always delicious food, everything is in abundance. There are some great bars with interesting drinks.


In general, we liked the Dominican Republic a little more, the Maldives is more suitable for those who want privacy and tranquility. Baya is also at the highest level, I advise :.

Great hotel, good service, delicious and varied cuisine. Huge hotel. There were people in our race. If you want something a little secret and intimate, then not here. Clean and beautiful area, huge! Free mini buses very cool drive around the territory. Nice rooms with a mini bar that was updated daily. Clean room, very friendly and helpful staff. Delicious and varied food. We found only one huge minus. When booking with the tour operator, we wanted a better room and closer to the sea Grant, with a golden bracelet, which, according to the tour operator, provided additional VIP privileges Naturally, it was more expensive.

He categorically did not want to settle us there without additional payment. Naturally, I had to pay, but there were no privileges other than slippers and a bathrobe in the room. Therefore, do not pay extra, take a regular room, since there is no difference either in the room or in the bar, there is no gold bracelet anywhere!

Great hotel on a beautiful coast. This hotel was recommended to us by the 5th Avenue travel agency. We wanted a hotel with a large territory, since we are flying to the Dominican Republic, where there is nothing to do but a hotel, we decided to choose a hotel with a lot of entertainment!

Our room was club golden, we never regretted it. Firstly, these are rooms that are as close as possible to the ocean, and secondly, round-the-clock free room service, since my wife and I love to eat and drink wine at night, it was very important for us Thirdly, these rooms , it seems like the newest ones, at least everything worked for us, the furniture was of a normal appearance, the only thing was that the plasma did not hang, but we came to the Dominican Republic for something else.

There are a lot of restaurants and bars on the territory of the hotel!

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For all the time of rest, everyone did not bypass, but I do not advise. I liked the grill restaurant and Italian, they also took a lobster show, no show, the lobster is delicious. Most often, we were too lazy to go to a la carte and simply visited the general one, everything is there!!!! And sushi, and meat, fish, chicken, seafood, sweet, salty, sour, sweet, in general, I was more than satisfied with the choice.

Very good animation, although I do not care. Here, however, I liked it. From morning to evening is not boring. Gorgeous alcohol, high-quality and delicious cocktails! In general, friends, I advise everyone to visit this heavenly place!

The hotel is good, but by the end of the holiday the kitchen is tired, there is little variety, the vegetables are tasteless. Clean and well maintained hotel, friendly staff. In general, it seemed to me that Russian-speaking people are not very fond of.

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The ocean is fabulous, so everything else is trifles. If you are picky about food, look elsewhere. The grounds and the beach are great! The staff and food ruin everything. The composition of the family - 2 adults and 2 children - 6.

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Departure from Kyiv was delayed by 40 minutes, but we were even on the spot an hour earlier than the arrival time. Group transfer and at the hotel reception we were around 11 am - settled at pm - the last!

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Bottom line - we were told that we did buy the Premier - and that the inscription on the Bavaro voucher does not mean anything and there is simply no category of Family Suit rooms in Bavaro.

Rather, there are, but they are called Superior suit - that is, we have an error in the voucher - which was made by the operator and therefore we are accommodated in the Premier Having barely called her, she nevertheless arrived - she announced that she had written a letter to Kyiv and was waiting for what they would say, she did not even try to talk to the hotel staff. Let me remind you that it was Christmas - a day off and the time difference After 2 hours!!! And ALL!

Not a call We made 3 calls for minutes, spending a lot of money on empty talk - we never saw a doctor, we never got a call The next day I got poisoned We told our guide about such poisonings - she reacted calmly, said that everyone here was poisoned and almost every 3 of her tourists were poisoned here These are our operators and insurances No peacocks and other animals walked around the territory.

Russians and Ukrainians are often ignored, and at the reception and at the bar, first of all, Europeans and Americans will be served - this is very offending So the hotel is a solid with a stretch - and all because of the staff - the territory itself, the beach and the rooms are basically good, but the staff, the kitchen spoil everything Well, our operators distinguished themselves Just a great vacation From the rest there were just mega positive emotions!!

A huge territory, a whole city of entertainment Tennis courts, bicycle rentals, golf courses The ocean is warm The beach bar is simply gorgeous.

Yes, and the restaurants left only a good impression!

BAHIA PRINCIPE BAVARO AND PUNTA CANA 5*, Honest Review, Dominican Republic

For young people there is also an evening entertainment club. So not only relaxation, but also where to hang out. In general, a chic vacation I will definitely be back. The hotel is good, but there is no animation. I will write briefly. The hotel is good. Huge, well-groomed territory, but rather stupid. Lots of bars but they all close at We entertained ourselves, arranging dances on the beach and gathering around all like-minded people. Very high quality food, alcohol, fruits.

But there is no normal restaurant on the beach. There is one in which everything looks like fast food, i. In my understanding, the Dominican Republic is parties on the beach, dancing on the sand and dinners on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. For this, in principle, we went. But we did not find any of this in this hotel!

The restaurant is a closed type, i. You sit and dine in the dining room! Indoor disco at the other end of the hotel from the beach. I do not understand how you can make a closed restaurant and a disco?? In general, the country and the ocean won our hearts! I want to go back there as soon as I get home! But if you chose this hotel, overpay a little more money, but take a VIP hotel in the same area - Esmeralda! Расположение: в 30 км от аэропорта Пунта-Кана, в 70 км от аэропорта Ла-Романа.

Это комплекс зданий в колониальном стиле, расположенный на площади более м 2. Junior Suite Superior 48 м 2 , макс. При заселении, сотрудники отеля могут попросить предоставить кредитную карту при отсутствии карты - депозит наличными. Ваш регион: изменить. Подбор для частных лиц. Настройки Вы можете выбрать параметры подбора тура, значения которых сохранятся при повторном заходе на сайт или расширенную форму подбора. Расширенный поиск Подбор отелей по всему миру.

Рейтинг отеля:. Рекомендуем этот отель на территории комплекса Bahia Principe для отдыха любой категории туристов, особенно для молодежи и семей с детьми. Вас приятно удивят не только комфортабельные номера и красивая ухоженная территория, но и большое количество мероприятий, предусмотренных для досуга самых маленьких гостей территория Grand Bahia Principe Turquesa и, конечно же, для взрослых. До пляжа или лобби соседних отелей комплекса можно легко добраться на курсирующем по территории паровозике.